Our integrative planning approach maximises opportunities for our clients to ensure sustainable development through utilising project management principles, appropriate standards and applying cutting edge techniques.

Where additional expertise that is not available in-house is required for projects, CITEPLAN’s approach is to utilise its well-established and reputable built environment network to form multidisciplinary teams with the most appropriate disciplines, including engineers, architects, environmentalists, economists and quantity surveyors.

For the above-mentioned multi-disciplinary approach to have a successful outcome, the integration of the various specialists’ and technical studies and an agreed upon vision, methodology, strategy and implementation plan, is paramount. Our approach therefore dictates that each complex project has to be in the hands of an Integration Manager, being a Professional Planner, who will co-ordinate the mission and vision of the project to ensure information dissemination between specialists and studies, in order to focus the Professional Team on the desired outcome of the brief. Furthermore, the Integration Manager will ensure that the integrated project management principles are met.